Pet Fountains for drinking – the easy way to avoid dehydration of your pet

In this article we will make the review of different pet fountains – the new solution for stimulating your pets to drink the fresh water. You may probably know that animals that live in the wild nature are first of very healthy and they drink only fresh water from the natural sources, like rivers, springs, streams. Usually the wild animals prefer the running water to the still one, because it is very rich in oxygen, fresh, and does not have any smells. It attracts the animal by its sound and twinkling.

It is vitally important that the in-door animals drink the normal amount of clean fresh water all year round to keep the normal liquid balance and to stay healthy and active, especially if the domestic animals eat much dry food. Some pets are not really interested in their water in the bowl and they need to be stimulated and reminded to drink enough water to avoid the possible dehydration. Especially cats – you have to normally encourage them to drink enough water, and they don’t their urine becomes a very yellow color and smelly. For some cats with kidney disease, which is quite often among the indoor adult cats, the pet fountain is absolutely necessary.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Original Pet FountainView The Website

The professional veterinary doctors have invented the special pet fountain for your beloved dogs and cats to stimulate them to drink pure water in the amount to keep them active and healthy. Nowadays there are quite many companies who produce the drinking fountains for cats and dogs of different size, breed and age. One of the world leaders is Drinkwell pet fountain, which cleans the water, filters it, keeps it moving, so that it is fresher than the usual water standing in the bowl. The fountains may vary in their size, the material, the type of how the water runs out. Before you choose the appropriate one you should find out which one is good for your pet. Drinkwell pet fountains may be produced from stainless metal, from plastic, some models may produce up to five falling streams of clean, oxygen enriched water, so that even several pets may drink from one fountain.

For example, the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain produces around 5 inches of fresh water in a stream, which is cleaning by means of replaceable charcoal filter. It may hold more than 2 gallons of potentially streamed, cleaned water. This fountain is perfect for the large-sized dogs, it will avoid that they drink the running water from the toilet or a sink. You may adjust the strength of the stream flow – making it smaller or stronger. The design of the bowl enables the water not to splash out on the floor, but keeps it inside the dog fountain. You may find out how much water your dog or cat may need per day, by measuring it in connection to the pet’s weight. So that the amount of water in the big dog pet fountain is enough for the large size dog to avoid dehydration.

Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain Big Max

Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain Big MaxView The Website

The other popular model of pet fountains is Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountains Big Max. It is made of the ceramics, and not the plastic. This kind of the dog fountain will perfectly fit in the kitchen due to the modern design. It is easy to use, may be washed in simple dishwashers, you may take one of the parts and put it in the machine. This model of pet fountain has a very good capacity – 128 oz.

Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

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The Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain is made of the ecologically safe plastic, it has a large reservoir. This gently flowing model is ideal for the large dogs. The capacity is 50 oz. The water is supplied to reservoir automatically, as soon as the pet has finished drinking, the new amount of fresh water is supplied. The pump is connected to the simple AC adapter. This model of pet fountain is also loved by cats.

Petco Premium Ceramic Cat Fountain

Petco Premium Ceramic Cat FountainView The Website

Petco Premium Ceramic Cat Fountain is the innovative model, made of ceramics, and is bacteria resistant. This tiny light weight pet fountain is perfect for your cats. There are three different areas for drinking the fresh clean water, which will allow three cats to drink from the fountain at the same time.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

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Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain will aerate the running stream of water, there is a special cleaning filter installed, which will protect the water from pieces of hair, dust, and food. The long flow distance from the surface to the water keeps the water fresh and makes it rich in oxygen. This pet fountain may be working from the simple 12-Volt energy system, which is quite efficient. This small fountain is suitable for cats but also for puppets or toy dogs.

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

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The other model of dog fountain produced by Pioneer is a Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design. This pet fountain has the fantastic high-tech design, stainless steel material is friendly for all dishwashing machines. Your cat will be absolutely attached to the sound of the flowing water and the small bubbles on the surface. The water is cleaned by replaceable charcoal filter and is running down in the ramp. The pump does not produce much noise, and the fountain perfectly suites the interior.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain, Stainless Steel

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The other stainless steel pet fountain, but which is perfect for the owners of several pets, is Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain. It may produce up to five streams of fresh running water. Each fountain has the separate spout ring which may be cross-changed. There is enough water for all your pets – each may drink from its own stream. This pet fountain is more applicable for small and medium sized dogs and for cats. Some cats may have the allergy for plastic, so the stainless steel or ceramic models of fountains are healthier for them.

Don’t be afraid to show your pets how much you care, keeping in mind how important the hydration is for keeping your pet healthy and active, try the pet fountain and make sure you choose the right model.

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