Automatic Dog Waterer – the perfect water supply for your dog while you are away

by admin on July 10, 2012

Most of the pet owners know how important it is for their pets to have enough fresh drinking water per day. This may be reached with the help of automatic dog waterer. This unique drinking water supply system will allow your dog to have enough drinking water when you are away. You would not have to worry that your pet will have dehydration during your absence, which may cause some diseases and even be vital. Dog waterer was created to provide the automatic water supply, so that if the bowl is empty, the water will automatically refill. The approximate recommended daily amount of fresh clean water is from 20 to 70 ml per kg for dogs. The waterers may be used outdoor or indoor; they may vary in size and be made of different types of material. Some models are good for several pets’ usage.

There is the special valve installed in the waterer, which opens automatically as soon as the level of water goes down. Then the bowl is refilled with the clean water and the valve closes automatically.

Among the well-known brands producing the best sold automatic dog waterers are Drinkwell, Fresh Flow, Petmate, Le Bistro and some others.

Gourmet Pet Refilling Water Dish

Gourmet Pet Refilling Water DishView The Website

The prices of the dog waterers are comparatively low and may vary from 7 to 40 USD. One of the simplest models of the dog waterer is the Gourmet Pet Refilling Water Dish by Bergan. This model is made of polypropylene; there is the bottle with clean water which is fixed to the bowl. You may see the level of water left in the bottle and add it if necessary. The capacity of the bottle may vary from 0.25 gallons to 0.75 gallons. The waterer may be easily washed by hands.

Petmate Le Bistro Waterer with Microban

Petmate Le Bistro Waterer with MicrobanView The Website

Another waterer Petmate Le Bistro Waterer with Microban consists of the PET bottle which provides bacteria resistance and the base bowl which is made of polypropylene, which is dishwasher friendly. The water fills in the bowl by means of simple automatic gravity water supply system. You may easily control the level of the water in the bottle to avoid the lack of it and possible dehydration of your dog. This is really very simple and easy to use model which is perfectly maintaining its destination to provide the needed amount of fresh water for our pet.

Petsafe Healthy Pet Water Station

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water StationView The Website

Petsafe Healthy Pet Water Station is more innovative and technologically complicated waterer. The bowl is made of stainless steel, and the refillable tank may be of different sizes. The valve controls the flow of the water. For this model you may also buy the filter which will clean the water from the chlorine, avoid the bad smells and tastes.

Another popular model of dog waterer is Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Pet Waterer. This model has the modern design and the basis, the bowl can be easily washed in the dishwashing machines. The bottle with water is made of PET material, which is effectively protecting the water from bacteria and keeps it clean and cool. The bottle size of this model is one gallon.

Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Pet Waterer

Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Pet WatererView The Website

Automatic dog waterer will take care of your dog’s thirst while you are at work, so that you will not have to worry about your dog’s health.

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