Cat Drinking Fountains

by admin on July 9, 2012

In this article we will make the review of different cat drinking fountains – the new solution for stimulating your pets to drink the fresh water. It is vitally important that the in-door living cat should drink the normal amount of clean fresh water all year round to keep the normal liquid balance and to stay healthy and active, especially if the domestic animals eat much dry food. Some cats are not really interested in their water in the bowl and they need to be stimulated and reminded to drink enough water to avoid the possible dehydration.

Especially cats – you have to normally encourage them to drink enough water, and if they don’t their urine becomes a very yellow color and smelly. For some cats with kidney disease, which is quite often among the indoor adult cats, the pet fountain is absolutely necessary. The approximate recommended daily amount of fresh clean water for cats is 70 ml per kg.

The professional veterinary doctors have invented the special pet fountain for your beloved cats to stimulate them to drink pure water in the amount to keep them active and healthy. Nowadays there are quite many companies who produce the drinking water fountains for cats of different size and age. Most of the cat fountains are supplied with the special water cleaning charcoal filters. The fountains may vary in their size, the material, the type of how the water runs out. Before you choose the appropriate one you should find out which one is good for your cat. Usually pet fountains may be produced from stainless metal, from plastic, some models may produce up to five falling streams of clean, oxygen enriched water, so that even several cats may drink from one drinking fountain.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet FountainView The Website

For example, the Cat Mate Pet Fountain has a very large capacity of water, which enables to provide enough fresh streaming water for several cats. The water is purified by means of special polymer carbon filter. This model is very quiet one, it also needs only 10 volt power supply. The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is suitable for cats and small dogs of different ages. The old cats have the special needs of large amount of water, to keep their kidneys healthy. There are actually three separate drinking areas, which keep at least one of the bowls absolutely clean from possible pieces of furs and any small dirt.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Pet FountainView The Website

Drinkwell 360 pet fountain is the round cat fountain, which has five falling streams of water, which is cleaned with the charcoal filter and is a perfect model for houses with more than three cats. The stream which is non-stop flowing, attracts the cat by its sound and the moving, and makes it drink as much oxygen enriched water as needed for the cat to stay healthy.

The installed ramp for receiving water avoids the unwanted splashes on the floor. The fountain is stably standing on the floor because of the rubber feet underneath the bowl.

Show your cat how much you care and buy one of the cat drinking fountains.

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