Cat Mate Pet Fountain Review

by admin on July 9, 2012

Cat Mate Pet Fountain has the unique feature which makes it different from the other models of pet fountains. It has several levels of fresh clean water, which makes it attractive for several cats to drink from it at the same time. Many people observe how their cats and dogs on the daily basis jump on the sink and drink the water or find it in the toilet. It happens because pets prefer streaming water to the still one in the bowl. Even if their bowl is full of water they may prefer to find some other source of water which will be fresher, less stinky, and will be richer in oxygen – like all the streaming flows.

Cat mate pet fountains will enable your home pets to have the fresh streaming water all year round. It is vitally important for the in-door animals to drink the sufficient amount of clean fresh water all year round to keep the normal liquid balance and to stay healthy and active, especially if the domestic animals eat much dry food. Some pets are not really interested in their water in the bowl and they need to be stimulated and reminded to drink enough water to avoid the possible dehydration. Especially cats – you have to normally encourage them to drink enough water. For some cats with kidney disease, which is quite often among the indoor adult cats, the pet fountain is absolutely necessary.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

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The Cat Mate Pet Fountain has a very large capacity of water, which enables to provide enough fresh streaming water for several cats. The water is purified by means of special polymer carbon filter. This model is very quiet one, it also uses only 10 volt power. The Cat Mate pet fountain is suitable for cats and small dogs of different ages. The old cats have the special needs of large amount of water, to keep their kidneys healthy. There are actually three separate drinking areas, which keeps at least one of the bowls absolutely clean from possible pieces of furs and any small dirt.

The Cat Mate pet fountain is absolutely quiet, but it has a very good strength of water flow, the pump is working properly, providing two flows of water which end up in the lowest largest bowl. Cats like to use the different bowls, if there are several cats, they will not disturb each other. Cat Mate will provide enough clean fresh water, which will not have any bad smells or additional tastes. And this pet fountain can be cleaned easily and will suit the cats and the interior of your flat. The top part of the fountain is easily taken off, that you may quickly replace the filter and clean the parts. The surface of the water in the fountain bowls is usually clean due to the very good quality of the pump.

The price of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain is around 35 USD.

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