Drinkwell Big-Dog Pet Fountain Review

by admin on July 10, 2012

The Drinkwell Big-Dog Pet Fountain produces around 5 inches of fresh water in a stream. Drinkwell brand of pet fountains appeared more than 10 years ago due to the invention of the veterinary doctor. Many people observe how their cats and dogs on the daily basis jump on the sink and drink the water or find it in the toilet. It happens because pets prefer streaming water to the still one in the bowl. Even if their bowl is full of water they may prefer to find some other source of water which will be fresher, less stinky, and will be richer in oxygen – like all the streaming flows. The approximate recommended daily amount of fresh clean water is 70 ml per kg for cats and from 20 to 70 ml per kg for dogs.

Drinkwell Big-Dog Pet Fountain

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The Drinkwell Big-Dog Pet Fountain produces around 5 inches of fresh water in a stream, which is cleaning by means of replaceable charcoal filter. It may hold more than 2 gallons of potentially streamed, cleaned water. This fountain is perfect for the large-sized dogs, it will avoid that they drink the running water from the toilet or a sink. You may adjust the strength of the stream flow – making it smaller or stronger. The design of the bowl enables the water not to splash out on the floor, but keeps it inside the dog fountain. You may find out how much water your dog or cat may need per day, by measuring it in connection to the pet’s weight. So that the amount of water in the big dog pet fountain is enough for the large size dog to avoid dehydration. The installed ramp for receiving water avoids the unwanted splashes on the floor. The fountain is stably standing on the floor because of the rubber feet underneath the bowl. This model of pet fountain is good for the large size dogs also because the water line limit is designed in the way that it’s quite low, and the water does not come out of the fountain bowl.

There is a one year manufacturer’s guarantee for this model. And the price of Drinkwell Big-Dog Pet Fountain is around 45-50 USD.

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