Pioneer Fountain Big Max-Stainless Steel Review

by admin on July 10, 2012

Most of the cat lovers have probably heard about the Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountains. Pioneer brand which is the subdivision of Smart Cat Company was established nearly 20 years ago with the main purpose to make the life of cats and other pets more healthy and comfortable. You may probably know that it is vitally important for the in-door animals drink the normal amount of clean fresh water all year round to keep the normal liquid balance and to stay healthy and active, especially if domestic animals eat much dry food. Some pets are not really interested in their water in the bowl and they need to be stimulated and reminded to drink enough water to avoid the possible dehydration. Especially cats – you have to normally encourage them to drink enough water, and if they don’t their urine becomes a yellow color and smelly. For some cats with kidney disease, which is quite often among the indoor adult cats, the pet fountain is absolutely necessary and vitally important.

Pioneer Fountain Big Max-Stainless Steel

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The Pioneer Fountain Big Max, made of the stainless steel, is the innovative model, made of the dishwasher friendly stainless steel material. This kind of the pet fountain will perfectly fit in the kitchen due to the modern design. It is easy to use, may be washed in simple dishwashers, you may take one of the parts and put it in the machine. This model of pet fountain has a very good capacity – 128 oz, but does not require much space. Pioneer Fountain Big Max-Stainless Steel has replaceable charcoal filter, which cleans the water and avoids the bad smells and unnatural tastes. The amount of water will allow your dog or cat drink as much fresh streaming water as needed for healthy active life. The other big plus of this model is that it is very quiet, the pump is not noisy. The bowl is quite large, so that the flowing water will not disturb some shy pets from drinking. Stainless steel stays clean longer, than the other materials. Pioneer pet fountain big max costs around 50 USD and is made for real pet lovers.

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