How does it work?

The Best Pet Fountain is simple yet provides incredibly powerful water filtration for your cats or dogs. All of our fountains offer the following superior features:


All of our fountains deliver constant 24/7 mechanical, biological, and carbon filtration to ensure your cat or dog is drinking the best, healthiest water.


It's a snap to clean your fountain every 2 to 3 months. The smooth ceramic surface and replaceable filter media mean you'll be done in minutes, not hours.


Our fountains are designed to blend into any home, either unobtrusively or as a statement piece. They are compact and can fit anywhere there's an outlet!

Made in Indiana

Our fountains feature German and American components and are assembled and tested in Indiana. Each fountain’s components are rigorously examined and tested before being shipped to you!

High Quality Components

Best Pet Fountains are created using the best in each class of component, from the pump to the filtration media.
German Craftsmanship & Design

German Craftsmanship & Design

Ceramic Vessels

The ceramic vessels we use are made in Germany and imported for our pet fountains. We offer only the best for your cat or dog!

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Tetra® Pump Technology

Our fountain pumps offer quiet operation. They are surrounded by ceramic and filter media on all sides, and you'll forget it's even running!

Superior Filtration

Superior Filtration

Fluval® brand media

Our fountains feature the same filtration technology often found in high end aquariums, including mechanical, biological, and carbon filtration.

Timeless Style

Timeless Style

Premium White Marble Stone

To top it all off, our fountains are covered with premium white marble, giving the entire piece a sophisticated finish fit for your living area.